Welcome! You're halfway home to creating. 

In modern diction, a white crayon is something utterly useless and without purpose. It can also be one's view of who they are. Last in the box, never picked, no point to existance.
But, as a Tumblr user pointed out, even a white crayon can create beauty if you find black paper.

At times in my life when I have felt like a white crayon, I found release and comfort through artistic expression. Beginning as a theraputic side-hobby, drawing became crafting, then painting, when I quit my office job to devote my energy into creating and sharing my journey.
I've met far too many people like myself who were told at one time or another (maybe told themselves) they couldn't do art.

Personally, I don't believe that to be true of anyone.

Today there exist the most tools and supplies, broadest definitions, and more exciting opportunities to create than the world has ever known!
We are intrinsic lovers of beauty, and immutably capable of creating.
I believe there is a creative outlet of some kind for everyone, and my passion is to help you discover and access yours.
With varied background in photography, editing, scrapbooks, collage/decoupage, pastels, watercolor, pen and pencil, alcohol ink, clay, fabric, acrylic paint and more, I carry a lighthearted and intuitive approach to any artistic guidance.

You can find plenty of amazing tutorials or examples and lessons out there, from numerous talented people. My purpose is to help you break into Art, as it were. Unlocking the steps to cognitively recognize your niche and develop confidence to flow in it!
That's been my journey, and it's the greatest gift I can offer.

Whether you've never tried, attempted once and swore it off, or time got away from you and life happened, let's connect and return you to the creating you were always meant for!