Hi. I'm Sarah, and I didn't use to be an artist. White Crayon Collective is where I share my journey, and hopefully inspire you to make your own. The world needs heArt, and you are carrying a special piece!

             Hi. I'm Sarah, and I didn't use to be an artist. White Crayon Collective is where I share my journey, and hopefully inspire you to make your own. The world needs heArt, and you are carrying a special piece!

Help! I'm an Artist and I Can't Get Out!

Help! I'm an Artist and I Can't Get Out!

Ever had a feeling you could be something, and then looked deeper only to realize you couldn't do the first thing that profession or calling required?

Like having a passion for travel but being scared of heights and planes?

Or dancing, but you have no rhythm and a non-standard body shape?

Maybe... Maybe you used to want to be an artist. There's people in your family who paint, so obviously it runs in your blood. You got a few praises for miscellaneous efforts as a child. Maybe you saw someone drawing or sculpting and it thrilled you so much it nestled in your soul and you said to yourself, "One day. That will be me."

And the day came when you sat down with your own paints and brushes (why is it always paint?!) and your soul took wing and you dipped in the brush and.....!!!


How could this be????!!!!! Puzzled, you try again. Nope. Not even remotely close.

Something in your soul cracks, and an ugly whisper winds through your head that you're not an artist, and you never will be. You just can't get your passion from your heart to your hands. They won't do what you see in your mind no matter how hard you try.


Hi. I'm Breaker and the above is my story. The first part of it, anyway.

Because that was my main address for so long, when I woke up and realized I wasn't that person anymore I started wondering how I had unlocked the translation codes from heart to Art. And I became desperate to share what I learned. Many people that I have talked to over the years have a story so similar in their creative pursuit, and I just want to see people free to flow in their most cherished dreams with confidence.

When I watch art classes, it is the most wonderous thing to me how each and every finished project is different! We humans can't help it, we're utterly unique!! In my heart of hearts, I believe each person holds the power of creativity in an irreplacable way.

Oh sure, not everyone is a painter! But how often do the common core art mediums send someone packing for good from creativity?

Making something with your own hands holds tremendous value. Whether that's flower arranging, chair arranging, button arranging, hair arranging, or paint arranging, you took something and transformed it into something else! THAT'S AMAZING!!!!

Do you know what you did???!!!!

Well, in Hebrew I believe it might be called a mitzphah. A holy act that mirrors the Divine and uplifts all that Is. Yup, that potholder/model airplane/greeting card/Lego palace.

You just blessed the entire world. Because you took your place alongside the Creator.

I truly don't believe I am exaggerating. Also, I've never been a cheerleader but at times think I could have made it.


So, any nodding along happening?

Want to know more?

You're in the right place!

White Crayon Collective is for connecting passion and expression, walking some simple steps to get in touch with your intuition, and rekindling the desire to forge ahead in wonder at all you really are capable of.

I'll be blogging semi-regularly, covering the variety of topics you see in the left-hand menu bar.

Start anywhere or follow along my rather organic approach to timelines! At the end of each post there will be a Challenge, and if you follow by oldest post first you can connect the dots. :) Or I might have pity on you at some point and list them all somewhere.


As I get things off the ground, I hope to offer private consultations, evaluations, and coaching.

And if you ever wonder what happened to me for a while... Well, I am married and the mother of a 7 month old. 



Till next time,

Sarah Breaker Katz



CHALLENGE: Draw something very quickly. Right now. Nobody cares what it is or what it looks like, just do it! Are you doing it? Good. Don't peek ahead. Finished? Now. Save it. I'm serious. This is the challenge part. Don't change it, throw it away, or make something else. Put it somewhere special. This is your first White Crayon, and you will need it.

Also, I will know if you throw it out. (Not really, but please keep it!)

The Moments We Change

The Moments We Change